Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Return of the Snow Cat

Well, maybe I didn't get to play in the snow, but I did get to make a trip to the colder part of the country. I was sick a few days before the trip as I once again tried to increase my medication to the prescribed dose but still it made me too sick, so I immediately reduced it back down, then I was gone for 9 days. Now I'm back.

I want to give some extra snuggles to one of my best friends, Gareth, who is going through a tough bit. On a good note, he is opening a new store, combining some of his newest styles! Woot!

It is always good to hear from my little furry blue haired kitteh and one of my bestest friends, Kyne, he kept in touch with me while I was away. The club he helped create, Starfall, is doing awesome!

One of my newest friends, Ima, introduced me to a real good friend. I am so happy to meet Asche.

I did dance for a little while with Franzi, Mick and their friend Rio at a club where our friend Heloq was dj. Happy Rezzday, Mick!

Ooh, I met Toothfairy Tizzy today when I stopped by her shop, TT Designs, great furniture for *adult* activities.

I don't publicly give out my IM information, but let me know if you are interested. Anyone who used to have me on IM (Yahoo!, AIM, or MSN/Windows) who would like my new IM information, let me know.

I am excited about this week, why... it is Halloween (or as us Wiccan's celebrate, Samhain). My sky spa is decorated for the festivities if you would like to stop by to see. Hehe.

I love fall and heading into winter. I love the cooler weather, although, I don't see much of that here in Florida. *sigh*

Well, I'm finished my dinner and heading back in world, see you on the grid!


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