Thursday, April 8, 2010

Important Purrrsons In Nevie's Life

There are a few people I know I can always turn to, family, friends, and lovers.

Jonathan Schenkel - my wonderful boyfriend

Kyne Tigerpaw - my BlueCat and one of my bestest friends
Gareth Sodwind - one of my bestest friends

Joshua Cartauld - Sexy Kitty family and one of my closest friends
Jarrod Fitzpatrick - Sexy Kitty family and a very close friend
Justyn Maurer - Sexy Kitty family, my bro, a very close friend
Xzno Darcy - Sexy Kitty family
Jester Mode - Sexy Kitty family and a very good friend
Vanyel Dreamscape - a very dear friend
Cody Wheatcliffe - Sexy Kitty family and friend

Leather Chaffe - Owner of SLEAZE! and a great guy
Monty Walworth - Leather's boy and partner, another great guy

Alic White - Owner of Uthoriea and a great guy
Wesley Witrial - Alic's love and the guy who introduced me to BUNNIES

Fmeh Tagore - my favorite DJ, an awesome DJ, and the man with the voice to drive this kitty totally wild, and a great guy.
Emil Etchegaray - another great DJ and friend

Damien Adamski - a friend always, a brother
Haptic Heliosense - a friend always, a brother
mtd1952 Timeless - a wonderful person and friend
Leniad Gelbert - a sweet guy and friend
Jamie Cheeky - a good friend and sweet guy
Celty Westwick - Jamie's husband and a sweet guy

Franziskus Ninetails a brother always, family
Kenshiro Pevensey - Franzi's partner, family
Mickael Penvesey - Kenshi's brother, family

Friday, February 26, 2010

.:[The Gift Card Shop]:.

.:[The Gift Card Shop]:.
A new store by Jonathan Schenkle.

Help me promote the store!

Take a quick survey and be entered to win a prize!!
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If you leave your name and complete the survey by March 12, 2010 you will be entered to win one of 3 prizes of 2,000L$

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clubbin and stuff

Well, I've been busy, not always online. I have been building again, I got the itch I guess. I have also spent tonight at a few clubs. I want to share that with you.

First of all, let me mention SLEAZE!
Teleport to SLEAZE!
Owned by Leather Chaffe
SUNDAYS 2-4 PM - The Nasty Afternoon Tea Dance
DJ Ran-B (Ransom Burckhardt)
Host: Gareth Sodwind
Dancer: Neville Braveheart
MONDAYS 6-9 PM - Monday Night Mayhem
DJ Fmeh Tagore
Host: Gareth Sodwind
Dancers: Neville Braveheart
TUESDAYS 6-8 PM - Trashtastic Tuesday
DJ Rylan Sirnah
Host: Gareth Sodwind
Dancers: Neville Braveheart
WEDNESDAYS 6-8 PM - Meat Market
DJ Marc Partridge
Host: Christof Cross.
Dancers: Ruffe Fride & AlucardMounte Skytower

I need to also mention UTHORIEA
One of SL's longest running and most established gay clubs
Owned by: Alic White and his partner Wesley Witral

Next let me mention STARFALL
Teleport to STARFALL
Owned by Dehrynn Shepherd with Asst Kyne Tigerpaw
4-6 pm DJ Merrick (Merrick Ying)
6-8 pm DJ Dehrynn (Dehrynn Shepherd)
4-6 pm DJ Trevor (Trevor Sin)
6-8 pm DJ Kaj (Kaj Juutilainen)
3-5 pm DJ Sora (Sora Bluebird)
5-7 pm DJ Sasch (Sasch Petrov)
4-6 pm DJ Proto (Protogenes Ewing)
6-8 pm DJ Merrick (Merrick Ying)
4-6 pm DJ Colwyn Baily (Colwyn Baily)
6-8 pm DJ Kev (Kev Darkfold)
2-4 pm DJ Esmiel (Esmiel Posthorn)
4-6 pm DJ Dehrynn (Dehrynn Shepherd)
6-8 pm DJ Kaj (Kaj Juutilainen)
8-10 pm MTD-Jay (MTD1952 Timeless)
2-4 pm DJ Tristan (Tristan Carthage)
4-6 pm DJ Dehrynn (Dehrynn Shepherd)
6-8 pm DJ Blaise (Blaise Pooley)
8-10 pm DJ Skylar (Skylar Farshore)

Now on to CLUB BLAZE!
Owned by Jarrod Fitzpatrick & Jonathan Schenkel
(Currently Closed, but not forgotten)

Owned by Trace17 Junkers & Adonis Lubitsch
One of SL's longest running gay clubs!