Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Return of the Snow Cat

Well, maybe I didn't get to play in the snow, but I did get to make a trip to the colder part of the country. I was sick a few days before the trip as I once again tried to increase my medication to the prescribed dose but still it made me too sick, so I immediately reduced it back down, then I was gone for 9 days. Now I'm back.

I want to give some extra snuggles to one of my best friends, Gareth, who is going through a tough bit. On a good note, he is opening a new store, combining some of his newest styles! Woot!

It is always good to hear from my little furry blue haired kitteh and one of my bestest friends, Kyne, he kept in touch with me while I was away. The club he helped create, Starfall, is doing awesome!

One of my newest friends, Ima, introduced me to a real good friend. I am so happy to meet Asche.

I did dance for a little while with Franzi, Mick and their friend Rio at a club where our friend Heloq was dj. Happy Rezzday, Mick!

Ooh, I met Toothfairy Tizzy today when I stopped by her shop, TT Designs, great furniture for *adult* activities.

I don't publicly give out my IM information, but let me know if you are interested. Anyone who used to have me on IM (Yahoo!, AIM, or MSN/Windows) who would like my new IM information, let me know.

I am excited about this week, why... it is Halloween (or as us Wiccan's celebrate, Samhain). My sky spa is decorated for the festivities if you would like to stop by to see. Hehe.

I love fall and heading into winter. I love the cooler weather, although, I don't see much of that here in Florida. *sigh*

Well, I'm finished my dinner and heading back in world, see you on the grid!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, I've been a busy busy busy kitty lately. Hehe.

First of all, I have built a nice little weathered beach house on my little beach. Well, I still have to put the doors in and furnish it. After that I built a nice sky spa and gardens. In theme for Halloween, I have some fall trees and flowers up there along with my pumpkin patch. Hehe.

Further up, I put in a skybox house, then changed its landing pad a little, and then promptly dumped all my favorite Neko toys all over the floor. So, my fellow Nekos are welcome to stop by and enjoy a bit of 'nip with me.

I have spent several days on the hunt! This time I completed the Dark Katz hunt. Great fun. A few really tough ones, but I got some help and then also passed along my own help. My brother, Justyn, is on the hunt as well and we had some good laughs.

I plan on doing the Make Him Over hunt when it starts on the 15th. The Curious Kitty hunt will start in November, gotta remember to do that one too! In the mean time, the Pumpkin Prints hunt is going on, I might try that one, and maybe the Doubloon hunt. Ooh, there is also a Singles Mix and Mingle hunt going on, that sounds fun. Even more fun sounding is the EROS Erotic Treasure hunt, hehe. Also coming up is the Myth & Legend hunt on the 15th. But, I HAVE to do the Gone Fishing Hunt. hehe. I could go on and on with all the hunts I have found information on. I did make a list if anyone is interested in it. Ads for Hunts up until the end of February.

I have gone dancing with Franzi a couple times. I joined Justyn to close out the old Blaze club, Blaze is moving to its own sim and expanding into Backdraft Estates as well. Way to go Jarrod and Jonathan in your growing business!

I have heard from some dear friends lately, it is good to see everyone again. I missed my friends. I have heard from JC, Lenny, Benji, Van, Justyn, and MTD! Of course I always am talking with Franzi, Kyne, Ima, and Gareth. It is always good to meet new people. My most recent new acquaintances I met at Club Blaze, I loved talking with Jonathan. I knew Jarrod a while ago, I didn't get a chance to talk to him while he was DJing, but I briefly met his husband, Joshua, who is also a friend of Justyn's! Small world. It is good to be out and about again. *grins*

Anyway, that is what is new lately, I should get to bed, lots of licks and snuggles to everyone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The new stuff

Well, I was too tired to write anything, but I'm still awake so I'll write about what is new since my return to Second Life.

First of all, I sold my land on Amicus Curiae and bought a beautiful beach plot through Aloha Estates. I have been building a little weathered beach house under the palm trees. I absolutely love my new land, especially the fishing!

I have been spending my free time building mostly, or organizing my inventory, lol. But when I want to just relax and hang out, I can usually be found at my new favorite club, Starfall, where I have met some great new friends.

The friend who has stuck by me the most is my bestest friend and brother, the very sexy blue cat, Kyne. Some of my other brothers have kept in touch with me as well, including Franzi and Justyn. My other best friend, Garreth, may no longer be sporting a sexy tail but is still one of the most amazing friends I have.

Another of my longest friendships is Danny, who I am very happy to still have in my life. I am also very glad to get to talk to Lenny, who has been a great person to talk to through everything. I have some newer friendships too, including the very sexy Ima. There are several other people I have met and look forward to talking with.

Well, I guess that is all the big stuff, maybe now I should curl up in my basket and fall asleep to the sound of the waves and the rustle of the palm trees.

Good to be back!

I found it!

After much pawing through email and trying to figure out my password, I finally have logged in again! Okays, so I am back!

After battling many medicine changes and both new and old health issues, I am finally feeling well enough to be up and about. I am so happy to be hanging out again. I have reconnected with some old friends and found some new friends.

Can you believe I have been on SL for over a year now, unfortunately I was quite sick when my RezDay came and went.

This is my welcome back blog. I don't know what much to say, there is so much time that has passed, a lot has changed. Well, I am still the cute and cuddly Neko you have always loved.

Thanks to all who have stuck by my side all this time. I missed everyone so much.