Thursday, April 8, 2010

Important Purrrsons In Nevie's Life

There are a few people I know I can always turn to, family, friends, and lovers.

Jonathan Schenkel - my wonderful boyfriend

Kyne Tigerpaw - my BlueCat and one of my bestest friends
Gareth Sodwind - one of my bestest friends

Joshua Cartauld - Sexy Kitty family and one of my closest friends
Jarrod Fitzpatrick - Sexy Kitty family and a very close friend
Justyn Maurer - Sexy Kitty family, my bro, a very close friend
Xzno Darcy - Sexy Kitty family
Jester Mode - Sexy Kitty family and a very good friend
Vanyel Dreamscape - a very dear friend
Cody Wheatcliffe - Sexy Kitty family and friend

Leather Chaffe - Owner of SLEAZE! and a great guy
Monty Walworth - Leather's boy and partner, another great guy

Alic White - Owner of Uthoriea and a great guy
Wesley Witrial - Alic's love and the guy who introduced me to BUNNIES

Fmeh Tagore - my favorite DJ, an awesome DJ, and the man with the voice to drive this kitty totally wild, and a great guy.
Emil Etchegaray - another great DJ and friend

Damien Adamski - a friend always, a brother
Haptic Heliosense - a friend always, a brother
mtd1952 Timeless - a wonderful person and friend
Leniad Gelbert - a sweet guy and friend
Jamie Cheeky - a good friend and sweet guy
Celty Westwick - Jamie's husband and a sweet guy

Franziskus Ninetails a brother always, family
Kenshiro Pevensey - Franzi's partner, family
Mickael Penvesey - Kenshi's brother, family

1 comment:

Justyn Maurer said...

*Purrrrrrs* bro =^_^=

So happy tto have you as mah bro and fellow sexy kitteh.

*huggs n licccks*